Developer API Account
  • 16 Feb 2024
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Developer API Account

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Article Summary

Creating a CMiC Service Account

Connecting to CMiC is easy. In this article we walk you through the steps needed to setup a Service Account to authenticate with CMiC APIs.

A service account with appropriate privilege setup is often required for the integrator to interact with CMiC systems efficiently.

Here are useful links on creating service accounts and instructions on how to set up one from CMiC web application:

In addition, third party integrators will need:

  1. Client ID: The Client ID is the Tenant ID of the customer. Tenant ID typically appears in the CMiC credentials as in "tenantID || username."

  2. API Path: The API URL path to connect to CMiC APIs.

CMiC APis are synchronous to all CMiC R12 environments, but the correct URL path may vary. Please reach out to a CMiC team member for further details or confirmation on which URL will work best for you.

  1. Username and Password (for the service account)


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